About me


My interest in the alternative therapy started already as child having a grandfather who was a self taught natural healer. People from all over came to see him with their aches and pains.  He was also a strong beliver in complementary therapy.

Prior to being a complementary therapist I have been working in the health/fitness, hotel and travel industry. I have always had a keen interest in fitness and health. I am a very active person doing different sports, yoga and meditaton. Having a lot of different holistic therapies myself, and feeling the benefit from it was one of the reasons to become a therapist myself. I am very passionate about this work and I strongly believe in it.

2003 I did my first course Holistic Body Massage with ITEC, and immediately I knew that this was what I should be doing. I naturally enjoy helping people to feel better and to inspire people to take care of them self better. I continued to do more courses such as Reflexology IEB, Indian Head Massage ITEC, and Thai Yoga Massage. I travelled in Thailand in 2007/2008 where I gained my qualification in Thai Yoga Massage. I have also added on to my qualifications Deep tissue Massage, Reiki & Seichem, and Craniosacral Therapy.

The training in Craniosacral Therapy took me through a journey of self discovery. Having treatments myself throughout my training made me realise the huge impact this very subtle therapy had on me. It helped me on so many levels, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It helped me to be my true self.

Having this experience made me dedicated to Craniosacral therapy work. To be able to help others as much as it help me is a great privilage.

Through life experience I have learnt to deal with all sorts of people from different walks of life. People even strangers seem to be able to open up to me and talk about very private things. I have a non judgemental approach.

I am constantly working on my own personal development.  I believe the more I know myself the better I can help others on their path in life.

I am also working as an animal healer. Working with animals is one of my true passions and I find it very rewarding. I have always had a special connection to animals.


My qualifications are:

2003        ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage

2004        IEB Reflexology

2007        ITEC Diploma in Indian Head Massage

2008        Traditional Thai Yoga Massage - Sunshine Massage School, Thailand

2008/2010 Craniosacral Therapy - CCST

post graduate workshops: Trauma, Visionary Craniosacral therapy, Canine Craniosacral therapy

2009/2010 Reiki & Seichem practitioner level 1 & 2

2010          Advanced Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

2011          Pregnancy Massage  - Abdominal and Full body Accreditated Diploma

2011          Pre-conception, pregnancy and post pregnancy Reflexology

2010/2012   Healing - College of Intution and healing

2013             Hot Stone Massage

2013/2014 Diploma in Animal Healing with HAO

2014            Facial rejuvention massage - Natural face lift massage

2015/2016  Canine massage HAO K9relax

2016            Holistic Facial and face massage with Neals Yard.

2016           Preganancy and post pregnancy massage with Jenny Burrell

2019          Canine Merishia Massage - Diploma

2019          Animal Herbal Choice - Diploma




Contact phone number: 07983329465, email: johanna@holistictherapyandhealing