Animal Healing

Animal Healing

From early childhood I have had a special connection to animals. Animals tend to feel very safe with me, and are naturally drawn to me. I always knew that animals are being with souls like us. That they communicate, have feelings, thoughts and emotions. I truly respect all animals.

I am a qualified and accredited healer with School of intuition and healing, and I have done workshops in animal healing and animal communication. I have also done training clinic in TTouch - tellington touch and I may incoporate that to the healing session. I have also done post graduate training in canine craniosacral therapy. Do further my knowledge I am currently attending a 1 year diploma course in Animal Healing with Elisabeth Whiter.

Working with animals is a big passions and I truly repect what they give and teach us humans. 

I am also a volunteer animal healer and dog walker at NAWT in Watford which has given me the experience of working with animals with major issues of stress and trauma.


When healing an animal I work very intuitevly and let the animal guide. From my experice I found animals to be very open and receptive to healing. Once gained their trust they don't hold any barriers nor do they question the treatment. Animals are more in tune with what they need and don't need. In a treatment I might work hands on or of the animal. I will work on their chakras, energy body and physical body. I may incoporate some Craniosacral therapy and  TTouch Tellington touch work in the treatment. Deepending on the animals needs at that moment.

Before treatment I will do a full consultation and discuss with you the animals needs, diet, exercise, environment, behaviour and physical condition. This is a holistic treatment.

After a treatment in general the animals seems calm, and relaxed Healing is a complementary treatment and works well with other treatments and therapies.

Healing does not claim to diagnose or cure. If an animal is unwell or in disstress fist call must be to see the Vet.

The price for a animal healing sessions £50. For animal healing I only do only home visits - meaning I will come and see you, and treatment time is approximate 1.5h.

For appointments please contact me on:

Phone: 07983 329 465


Contact phone number: 07983329465, email: johanna@holistictherapyandhealing