Animal Healing

Animal Healing 

I am a qualified and accredited healer with School of intuition and healing for both humans and animals, and qualified as an Animal Healer through HAO - Healing Animal Organization with Elisabeth Whiter.

I have also done training clinics in TTouch - Tellington touch through TTouch UK with Robyn Hood, and post graduate training in Canine and Equine Craniosacral therapy. 

In the healing session I might use techniques from Ttouch body work or Craniosacral Therapy techniques if suited for the animal.



Healing is a gentle and non-invasive, soothing therapy for animals. It is deeply relaxing and allows the body to rebalance and  helps the animal to self-heal on all levels - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

 Animals are very open and receptive to healing. Once gained their trust they don't hold any barriers nor do they question the treatment. Animals are more in tune with what they need and don't need than us humans. 


Animal healing can be given hands off or on the body with light touch. Animal healing can also be given distantly which is helpful for nervous animals or those with touch aversion.

An Animal Healing Session is a holistic complementary therapy.


Before treatment a full consultation is taken where your animals needs, diet, exercise, environment, behavior, physical health and condition and medical history is discussed. 


A healing session can last in between 30min to 60min depending on the animal's response. The animal tend to walk off when they have received enough.


After a treatment in general the animals seems calm, and relaxed healing is a complementary treatment and works well with other treatments and therapies.


As an Animal healing therapist I DO NOT diagnose or cure. If your animal is unwell fist call must be to see your Veterinary. If your animal is under vet care a written consent form your Veterinary will be needed prior the appointment. 


I also offer Canine Massage and Animal Herbal Choice sessions. Animal Herbal Choice is based on applied Zoopharmacognosy where animal self selects plant extracts to restore balance in the body. Plant extracts offered are dried and fresh herbs, essential oils, floral waters, CO2 pastes. The animal self selects meaning they are allowed to reject or select.

Working with animals is a big passions and I truly repect what they give and teach us humans. 

I am also a volunteer animal therapist and dog walker at NAWT in Watford which has given me the experience of working with animals with major issues of stress and trauma.


The price for a animal healing sessions £50. Travel cost may be added.  Healing session will last for 30min to 1 hour. Distance Healing for your animal is £40.00

Animal Herbal choice £80 for first session/ £65 for follow up session - travel cost and time will be added for outside London clients. Session time 1.5-2hours

Canine Massage £60.00 for 1 hour. Travel cost may be added.

Animal healing, Canine massage and Animal herbal choice will be home visits - meaning I will visit you.

 If animal is under vet care a written vet consent will be needed and can me e-mailed to me. I must have it prior to the session.


For more information check out my animal web site


For appointments please contact me on:

Phone: 07983 329 465

E-mail: or

Contact phone number: 07983329465, email: johanna@holistictherapyandhealing