I am a trained and accredited healer with School of Intution and Healing. Addtionally to the 2 years training as healer I have attended workshops in Medical Intuition, Animal Healing and Animal Communication. I have also done a Diploma in Animal Healing with HAO and work shops in Equine healing. Healing can be a treatment on its own or added on to another treatment.

I practise healing for both Humans and Animals. I also volunteer as an animal healer at NAWT in Watford. I work to strict code of conduct.

I work as a mobile therapist, but you can come and see me in clinics in Kew or Ealing.  If you come and see me in Alexandria Healing Centre in Ealing please arrive on time as there is no waiting room, in Earth life in Kew you may arrive few minutes before treatment as there is a waitning area.

Healing is a simple, safe and holistic energy therapy that aims to bring balance and harmony of the mind, body and spirit. Each session is unique and tailored to the individuals needs. In a healing session I as the therapist connects to the universal healing energy and channells that enegry to the client. Healing works on rebalancing the bodies energy, meridans, chakras and the Aura.

Healing is administred with the client lying down on a couch, or sitting down on a chair. Client remains fully clothed throughout the treatment. Healing may be applied either hands on or off the body. Things you may feel during a healing treatment are heat and tingling. From my experience after a treatment you feel more relaxed, balanced and grounded.

Healing is complementary to all forms of treatments and therapies and suited for all ages form babies to eldery. It generally supports health and well-being. It is gentle and non invasive.

Healing does not claim to cure or diagnose.

While healing is spiritual in nature, healing is not a religion or cult. Healing is not depenedent on the belief of the person being healed.

 For appointment contact Johanna on:

Phone: 07983 392 465

E-mail: johanna@holistictherapyandhealing.co.uk






Contact phone number: 07983329465, email: johanna@holistictherapyandhealing