Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is desinged to work on deeper layers of the body's soft tissue. It relieves chronic muscle tension and integrate body and mind through applying of specific Deep tissue massage techniques of slower strokes and deeper finger pressure on contracted and tensed areas.

When there is a chronic muscle tension/injury there usually is adhesions in the muscle. Adheisons can block circulation and cause pain, limited movement and inflammation. Deep Tissue Massage works by physically breaking down these adheisons to releive pain and restore movement.

Deep tissue massage is usually used to treat people that are recovering from accidents, sports injuries as it increases blood circulation to muscles and relieves chronic muscle tension. It can speed up recovery.

Also other physical, mental or emotional stress/trauma can lead to tension in the muscle tissue that can prevent proper circulation, inhibit movement and cause pain and inflammation.

Deep tissue massage helps to loosen muscle tissues, release toxins and deeply held patterns of tension from muscles. Deep tissue massage also helps the blood and oxygen circulation.

Deep tissue massage works on all the layers of the body´s soft tissue and particulary with the fascia. Injury, chronic tension, and ill health can make the fascia tensed, hard and stuck which can cause pain, injury, limited mobility and fuction of the muscles.

Tension in muscle will also cause build up of waste and toxic. When these by products remain in the muscle tissue it will cause spasm of the muscle. That can lead to pain and injury.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage are:

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